Photography by Daniele Francesca Martinie

Megan Steller, Founder of REHEARSALmagazine

"Daniele is an absolute pleasure to work with. As a musician, it is imperative to have a good quality headshot, and have it updated relatively regularly, and I have been using Daniele for several years now, for both my personal performing and for my staff at REHEARSALmagazine, with absolutely fantastic results. She makes everyone feel incredibly comfortable and confident, which is not how I naturally feel in front of a camera! I recommend her to everyone I know."

Tim Hannah & Alison McIntosh-Deszcz, Ensemble Goldentree

"Daniele was professional, knowledgeable and incredibly friendly! The promotional shots and head shots that she produced for our 2016 Season have received a lot of positive attention and have aided in presenting the ensemble as a professional and polished outfit. We enjoyed working with Daniele immensely and would recommend her to anyone looking to sharpen their public image."

Jennifer Spiegel, Musician

"Daniele set me at ease right away and it was easy to relax and be myself for the photos. In such a short space of time she makes an effort to get to know her subject so that she's portraying their personality in the photo. Thanks to her my headshots are a perfect mix of looking professional and showing the world who I am."

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